What is LinkAtlas?

The best links on the internet and only that!

Selected by the editor of LinkAtlas
My name is Knut Nägele, and I have long experience with working with the Internet. Based on my ambition to create high quality links for the users of LinkAtlas I select the links.

Suggestions are welcome
I am open for suggestions for good links, but I keep the freedom of saying no to suggestions if I don’t find them useful for enough visitors here.

Usefulness of the links is the purpose
Only the usefulness of the links for the visitors is the purpose. The links should inspire to the use of websites that help people solving problems, that educate, that entertain, that connect people and other useful purposes.

Small amount of links is the goal
LinkAtlas prefers fewer good links in a category rather than an exhaustive amount of links.

Linked websites are preferably free
Free websites often are the most useful to most people. Sometimes we link to websites that are a payed service if I judge that the service is really god value for the money and no free alternative is available

It is not:

LinkAtlas collection is not based on commercial interests
Most link collections are based on underlying aims to sell something, sell links or other ways to make money from the links. This is not the case here.

A link building catalog for SEO people
If you are looking to submit a backlink for the purpose of SEO? Forget it!

A site with advertisement links
I don’t select the links because i want to support any businesses or am getting payed for the links by affiliate agreements or other advertisement agreements. In the long run I might start having adverts on the site to finance my expenses, but they will not be mixed with the recommended good links.

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