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The links you find here are not paid for. They are only here because they are the best for you as a user. Most websites linked to are free of use.

Do you know this?

  • There are so many cool places on the internet, but how do you find them?
  • Many guides try to sell you something.
  • Link catalogs are spammed with entrys by marketers.
  • You had the ambition to systematically collect all your  bookmarks but never realised it.

LinkAtlas helps you!

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Information and news

See links to the knowledge of the whole world

Meeting people

Meet people you know and that you don't know yet

Art and entertainment

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Internet tools

Enhance your self when using the internet

Website tools

Find ressources to espress your self with a website

Buying things

Find links to smart way of buying things on the internet

Ideas for new links?

Then contact me here. Be aware that only the best links will be included. And what is the best will be decided by the editor of So don’t get angry if your suggestion is not included.

About LinkAtlas

See what it is and what it not is and who is the editor…

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